2022 CCAC

Participating Schools

2022 Sponsors

Krannert to host analytics case competition

Overall Winner

  • Purdue University: Amit Zutshi, Zainab Aljaroudi, Achintya Acharya, Padma Dwivedi, and Akshay Jayan

Graduate Division

  • 1st Place ($5,000) Purdue University: Amit Zutshi, Zainab Aljaroudi, Achintya Acharya, Padma Dwivedi, and Akshay Jayan
  • 2nd Place ($2,000) Indiana University: Samardeep Gurudatta, Rohan Shukla, Meghana Boipally, and Mahadevan Iyer
  • 3rd Place University of Notre Dame: William Gardner, Omar Duran, Kaija Anita Malhan, Geogy George, and Devon Peters

Undergraduate Division

  • 1st Place ($2,000) Purdue University: Christine Zhou and Elena Shen
  • 2nd Place ($1,000) Butler University: Travis Drumm, Stefano Batista, Samantha Coleman, and Alexander Skinner
  • 3rd Place University of Notre Dame: Gregory Vogt, Benjamin Riner, Emma Williams

Problem Statement

Phishing is the most popular form of social engineering and can be leveraged to put malware or ransomware into a company’s environment. MISO performs routine phishing tests to make sure their employees are ready and prepared. ECS helps protect companies from cyber threats every day, and IN3 helps bring people together to create a hub of national security innovation to help solve critical defense priorities. How can data science and predictive analytics help employees gain confidence in receiving emails that they are real?

What we want:

  • Ability to search, identify, and wrangle publicly available data that could be used to develop general insights for similar phishing problems.
  • Ability to cleverly use wrangled data with internal data (competition dataset) to detect if an email is a threat or not. The ability to predict will be evaluated via your Kaggle platform submissions.
  • What are the profiles of phishing emails? What could be anticipated from future phishing emails, where do they come from, who receives them, who are likely targets?
  • Can you sell your solution and knowledge from the point of view of a new cyber security consulting firm? Prove what you bring to the table with results and insights!

Key Dates

January 14th

Competition Opens!

January 21st

Team Registration Deadline

February 13th – 5:00 PM EST

Round 1: Kaggle Deadline

February 18th – 5:00 PM EST

Top 4 Teams Per School Per Division Video Presentation Deadline

February 21st

Final Round Invitations Sent Out

February 25th

Final Presentations


$10,000 in Prizes – All prize amounts are total amounts per team

Graduate Division:

  • 1st Prize: $5,000
  • 2nd Prize: $2,000

Undergraduate Division:

  • 1st Prize: $2,000
  • 2nd Prize: $1,000

There will be an overall competition winner. Those team members will also win a championship belt. Below is an example.

Registration Steps

  1. Students from all universities should form their team and submit them here
  2. Within 24 hours you will be added to the Pitch platform hosted by Purdue University. Instructions to complete registration and NDA requirements will be sent the emails you provided in Step 1.
  3. Once all team members have had their registrations and NDAs reviewed via Pitch, you will gain access to the dataset you will be generating phishing predictions for [Note: this dataset is not available via Kaggle].
  4. Only the leader from your team will be set up Kaggle to upload your team’s predictions. That person will be added to the Kaggle site. All team members can view the Kaggle leaderboard to see where you stand.


  • People must remain within their registered team once they register. They cannot change teams, form new teams, or be considered dropouts if a team wins.
  • Winning teams will split the funds equally among their registered team members regardless of who contributed more or less.
  • All discussions and Q&A among sponsors, judges, and competition administrators should happen with Pitch (not Kaggle). We do not want to the “bad guys” to see what we are doing.
  • Teams can create videos using whatever software they choose, but should follow the rubric posted in Pitch.
  • Two undisclosed faculty members from each university will serve as judges to identify the top undergraduate team and top graduate team they feel would be represent their school and win the competition. Professors are your audience here.
  • The top teams from each school per division (8 teams in total) will present in person on February 25th, 2022 to sponsor representatives from IN3, ECS, and MISO. Those are the final judges.
  • The final presentation event will begin at 8:00am EST with a provided breakfast among all invited teams, faculty, sponsors, and invited guests. Afterward the presentations will commence. The event will conclude with a lunch at noon, announcement of winners, and photos. Event is expected to conclude by 1:30pm EST. Dress is professional.

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